The Top 10 Android Math Games Are Fun To Play

Math is a complex subject to learn. Some people are acceptable at it, while others are not so good. But there are a lot of math games you can play on your phone if you are good at math or want to get better. Most games we found were for children. After all, everyone wants to play games that teach them something.

Still, we found a lot of math games for adults, so we have a mix of fun for kids and games for adults. People looking for the webpage Cool Math Games may come across this. There is an official Android app for the site that you can get from Google Play, and it’s pretty good. We would have put it on the list below, but we thought people looking for Cool Math Games would like the shortcut.

Math Games

One of the oldest and most famous math games is Sudoku, with many mobile versions of it. The most popular is, but there are other sites as well. Most of you are familiar with Sudoku.

You put one through nine in each column, row, and subgrid of a grid of numbers. There are other methods to play the game, but that’s the main idea. has a lot of puzzles for people of all skill levels, and buying new puzzles isn’t too expensive. You can also get all the content for free with Google Play Pass.


Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is an app that helps kids learn and has a lot of fun minigames. There are games for many different subjects, and math games are one of them. Some of the other things they learn are how to write, speak, read, and solve problems. It’s an excellent app for learning. But it has a lot of fun, is suitable for more minority students, and has good math games for that age group. Plus, it costs nothing.


Math Land

The name “Math Games” isn’t perfect, but the game itself is good and very easy. You answer easy math questions on a timer, and the more points you get, the better. It’s mostly for people who want to get better at basic math. It also works in eight different languages and has a two-player mode.


The Math Land

Math Land is a game for kids to learn math. It has a pirate theme and simple games with simple math. You play as Light source and try to get the jewels back from Max, the evil pirate. The game has 25 levels and is for kids about the age of Kindergarten. More challenging modes are available for older kids and adults if you want to improve your addition and subtraction skills. It’s not a free-to-play game, and $1.99 seems like a fair price.


Math Master

Math Master is another math game that helps you train your brain. The objective is to solve math troubles as quickly as you can. You can focus on just one type, like subtraction, or mix them up as you like. The user interface is simple and a little boring, but the math and the game are good enough to kill a few minutes. About a dozen languages can also use it. It can be played free, or you can pay $3.99 for the pro version.



2048 is a fun math puzzle game and one of the mobile devices’ most popular math games. You move the tiles around and put together the ones with exact numbers. When you put two tiles together, they make two. So, you add two fours together to create an eight.

You keep playing until you can’t move any further tiles or reach the number 2048. The game has different board sizes and simple rules and is suitable for all ages. The whole game will cost you $0.99, and you can also play this one for free if you have Google Play Pass.


Math Riddles

Math Riddles is, well, an app that has riddles with math. It has a friendly, clean, simple interface and a lot of puzzles. Some of them aren’t too hard, but a few of them are good brain teasers. You can play many games and figure out many puzzles. The game calls some “IQ tests,” but it’s a pretty good little app once you get past the silly category names. It’s a fun method to spend hours on and costs nothing.


Math in your head

Mental Math Master is another math game that is good for your brain. It has a simple interface, many random questions, and easy-to-use controls. But this one has a little more advanced math than most of its rivals. It has square roots, square roots, factorials, and more challenging math. If you don’t know how to do the math and want to learn, you can start with one of the better games and work up to this one.



The main reason why Threes! It is much like 2048 because 2048 is a copy of this game. It primarily works the same. You move tiles around and put them together with tiles with the same number. The value of the two sets of tiles is doubled. So, you put two 3s together to get a 6, then two 6s together to get a 12, and so on. Either this or 2048 will do. Both games are about the same, but 2048 is a bit more complete in math. With Google Play Pass, you can also get this one for free.


Toon Math

Toon Math is a mix of a math game and a runner game that never ends. Most of the time, the game is like a runner that never ends. You jump over things and run on a path with three lanes. The game gives players a simple math problem when they finally get a number. To solve it, you must jump over the obstacles in the path leading to the correct answer. It’s an excellent idea that works for both kids and adults.


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